Zero To One


I just realised my life isn't the bubble I once blew out of my mouth anymore,
The cotton candy sticking on the tips of my fingers,
And the way the clouds always form any image I wanted them to be.

I just realised that we are all in deep awe of each other,
Of every other person but ourselves,
And that sucks doesn't it? Think about it.

I just realised that my mind is a bit messed up yet tame at the same time,
Trying to fit things from the square of my mind to the circle of the universe,
And nothing seems to add up.

I just realised letting things go are easier said than done,
But then letting it go is way easier than suffering from worry and doubt,
And then there you have it.

Palpitations of your heart,
It's either you win or lose.
And then you decide where to go from there.

So now I'm back to the first square of the hopscotch,
The moment of truth where I have to decide,
How do I get from zero to one?


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