Yehliu Geo Park, Northern Taiwan


If you're a fan of the outdoors and you enjoy sight-seeing, not that I know of anyone who doesn't then this should be on your list when you are in Taiwan!

Getting there

Its pretty easy to travel around Taiwan, as the public transport is reliable and I would say pretty affordable.
We travelled to Yehliu from Taipei West Bus Station which is right beside the Taipei Main Station. The bus journey was quite long, about an hour plus since it had multiple stops.

Along the way

The journey was a transition from the bustling city to the suburban more countryside part of Taiwan. Along the way you could see old villages and small plantations.

Arriving at Yehliu

This is heads up for those of you who plan to go here. Since the bus is public bus that does multiple stops, the bus we took did not drop us directly in front of the Geo Park. It was about a 10-minute walk in the super hot sun, where we passed by a few restaurants that serve mostly seafood, had a quick lunch and then proceeded to the entrance of the Geo Park. Another heads up, since the restaurants serve mainly seafood, they are slightly over-priced.

Yehliu Geo Park

Entrance fees were reasonable, students get half price if you have a valid ISIC (International Student Identity Card) although I'm not really sure about regular Student ID's.

After getting our tickets, we walked towards the main hotspot where there were loads of rock formations and amazing geology. It was just amazing and I'm really glad it was in our itinerary. Since my Dad is a geologist, he really enjoyed it too and explained me his observations and quick analysis of the whole area.


The view was simply breathtaking. You could also see the ocean that stretched so far in the horizon and a few islands surrounding Taiwan. It was nice to see many tourists around too. Although it was super hot we managed to head back before it started to pour.


Heading back

Our journey back by bus was shorter than getting to Yeh Liu. There were fewer stops although we did not arrive back in Taipei West Bus Station, instead we arrived at a bus stop near to Gongguan MRT Station. From the MRT we stopped by a few places including Taipei 101 before heading back to our hotel.


For more information head on to their main website: Yehliu Geopark

Stay tuned for my next post on Taipei City!

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