Words On Paper


I am slowly tracing the keyboard with my fingertips. I don't know what is more intense, to have such a feeling on my hands or having to hear words that send shockwaves through my spine. I believed it lasted only about a few minutes before I heard a distant cry of my soul drowning in the never ending rain. Pouring and pouring like how these emotions have turned into liquid form and taken up the well in your back garden.

Don't you see it was not once nor twice the bluebird came knocking. It was not thrice either that you laid me to rest in my bed of tears and ramshackle of a building. I am not wise but I am whole. From the emotions you have fed me. Of feeling worthy yet brutally useless. I am your slave.

If love could be a single manifestation that is constantly growing, mine would have reached its ultimate manifestation in multiple forms. First, emotions. Second, a safe house. Third, infinity. Infinity. Something endless, without bound and never quantifiable.

If I were to let you in on one secret this would be it. I can't love you anymore. Not more than how I love you now, today and always. This is the ultimate form of love I have ever come to know and its you whom my heart has chosen to pour it out to. You whom left me abandoned and lost. You whom left me found and seen.

I think I have no other ways of physically and emotionally expressing my love for you. So I guess I shall express it in the only way I know how. With words on paper. My tribute to you. My most favourite person.


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