Why Confused People Are The Best Thinkers

Okay don't laugh or stop laughing. Yes the purpose of this blog post is to make confused people like myself feel better about themselves :p

Its no doubt people get confused. I bet it happens to everyone anyway. When do you start being confused? Easy! When you are shopping, studying, thinking .. and what else...you guys can mention in the comments 🙂

So why do i say that confused people are the best thinkers? Well yeah!? Duh! You run through a hundred possibilities, theories, options and alternatives and you decide on the best. Makes you feel cool right? Well I believe its true. Maybe I can add confused people are also the "Best Decision Makers"  haha.

Well although being confused is a good thing. It might be annoying too. Especially to those around you whom need quick answers and decisions from your side. So sometimes its not good to think too much. Just trust your instincts and go for it.

Confused people tend to overthink too. But thats just because we tend to come up with our own possibilities and conclusions which might be good or bad. So i urge all confused souls to stop. Just stop putting so much pressure on yourselves. If it helps try talking to someone and discuss your feelings with them. It might help. Let go. Be at ease. Look at the sky and feel the sort of calmness you should be feeling. Relax. And seriously, Stop.

You will come to a certain point in your life where you have to make crucial life changing decisions. So how do you do that? Weigh down all your options, their pros and cons, cancel out whichever you feel not right or just nahhh.. and tadaa! You come up with your decision. Not easy. I know. But taking risks and not pulling through is better than not taking risks and never knowing the outcome.

So I guess all of have do get confused and lost at times, but hey! look on the bright side. We think more and we evaluate consequences (if you don't then you should). Overall its all part of being human 🙂

Cheers to all confused souls out there 🙂 May we take more risks and be more tactful!

*All of the above are subject to my own personal views/thoughts/experiences. I hope you guys enjoy reading as much as I enjoy spilling my thoughts out. Till my next blog post! 🙂

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