Truth Is

Truth is, I would travel miles and hours to see your face,
To re-live every speck of memory again and again like it is our last,
To hear your laughter not as a video being replayed again and again.

Truth is, I would sacrifice hours of sleep to see your face not only in my dreams,
To be bound by the words that have captured me from within,
To fall asleep smiling until daylight hits.

Truth is, sometimes we don't get to choose what we want in life,
Truth is, we actually can choose,
To fight for the people we love even though at times we feel unworthy of love,
To fight for a person that makes you whole.

Truth is, this is as raw and honest as it can get,
To be honest, maybe I'm not halfway there yet,
To explain how much I am captivated with this world you have made me envision,
To force every single detail each time I close my eyes.

Truth is, we will never know how much we love and hurt,
To my thoughts, I will never know your amount too.

Truth is, nothing matters anymore,
To be with you is all I want,
To be honest, it is all I will ever need.


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