Top Places To Visit In Delhi

For all of you who plan to make a trip to Delhi, India, here are some of the places I visited that you might want to consider on your list too!

My family and I took a personal tour for just the four of us so it was pretty much easy to get around as the local driver took us to all these places as per out itinerary.

Let's go!

1) Delhi Gate

Anyone who has watched Hindi movies will definitely notice this spot. Most of the films were shot at this historical monument and as you can see there were loads of people when we arrived, probably because it was a public holiday.

2) Raj Ghat - Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

A memorial built on the exact place Mahatma Gandhi was cremated. The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial known as the “Raj Ghat” in Hindi is built on the banks of the River Yamuna surrounded by a beautiful garden.


3) Gandhi Smriti (Birla House)



4) Lotus Temple

Officially my most favourite place in the world. This Bahai house of worship welcomes all regardless of religion. It was such an amazing feeling, entering the Lotus Temple and being able to come together with other people from all over the world for one purpose only, to be at peace with oneself and God.


5) Indira Gandhi Memorial

The first and only female Prime Minister of India. Indira Gandhi was the only daughter of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. Indeed a woman of power, intellectual wisdom and influence.

She is the second longest serving Prime Minister of India after her father and before her assassination by her own bodyguards.
I felt chills walking through the hallways that depicted her whole life's accomplishments.


6) Rashtrapati Bhavan

This is basically the Presidential Residence in India, plus a lot of movies were shot here too.



So there you have it! Places to go to when in Delhi! 🙂 Sorry my photos were not consistent. The most shots I took was at Birla House as that was the place my heart was the most 🙂 Stay tuned for my next post on Rajasthan!

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