Ximending, Taipei City

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and also the most modern city. The MRT's are always packed, and there are lots of people travelling be it by car, bus or train. I enjoyed Taipei the most compared to Kaohsiung and Tainan probably because it has more to offer in terms of urban lifestyle and entertainment.

The thing about Taiwan that I can never get enough of, is its excellent town planning. The roads are very pedestrian friendly and its convenient to cycle around too. Its nice to stand at one corner and be able to catch a glimpse of the whole city.


Where To Stay?

I travelled to Taipei with my Mum & Dad. We stayed at 'The Diary Of Taipei II Hotel" in Ximending for 3 nights. It was an excellent location since we were right at the heart of shopping streets and restaurants. If you ever plan to visit Taipei, stay in Ximending!

Things To Do in Ximending?

SHOP & EAT! Like duh. Ximending is known for its shopping streets, variety of eateries and a few cinemas too. At night it becomes more active with street performances and flash mobs. Pretty cool indeed although I don't have much pictures that can provide you a real glimpse of what the whole area looks like but here are some.


Mandatory shot along the streets of Ximending

Early dinner at the 'Choir Cafe' in Ximending


So yeah, inconsistent pictures as I'm still new to travel blogging and I had no idea I was going to write about it in such detail. Well guess you guys just have to visit Taipei yourself and experience it 🙂


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