How To Adapt In A Foreign Country?

Since I have been in Taiwan for about 6 months, here are my personal tips on how to adapt in a foreign country:

1) Learn the language
It helps when you can speak a little of the language. It makes basic communication easier and definitely makes your life easier too. Its good to learn up basic words like numbers, directions and how to order food. You can pretty much survive if you have these three. I know you are assuming that the English language is an international language but not most places practice it. So heads up!

2) Find other people from your home country
This is the most common thing anyone would do. Its normal to find people of your kind in other parts of the world but surprisingly  I have yet to find Malaysian students here in Taiwan! The reason why I believe finding people from your home country would help is because, they probably would have been there longer and are able to assist you if needed.

3) Don't compare food
I know its hard being a Malaysian and being robbed of all the deliciousness and spices of multi cultural food, but it is what it is. Learn to adapt with local food and if you ever get bored, then there's always the good old classic bread and jam that is available practically everywhere.

4) Explore
The many perks of being in a foreign country is definitely the opportunity for you to travel and explore the country itself. Plan your weekends for short getaways and discover the beauty of the land you are in. You never know how lucky you are until you allow yourself to feel it.

So there you have it, my 4 personal tips on how to adapt in a foreign country. You might have your own tips, so let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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How To Start A Blog?


I think there are countless of posts like this, but heck here is my opinion on what you should do to get them brain cells working. Plus my post will be short, simple and sweet, just like every other post on this blog 🙂

1) Get a free blog
So there are countless free domains you can use such as WordPress, Wix and many more. Just pick one that you feel is easy to use. I'm using WordPress myself because its pretty basic and clear cut. I have tried Wix before, its more interactive and fancy but it takes time to get used to.

2) Pick a theme 
I think this is the hardest part for every blogger. Picking the right theme may seem easy but its not. Be sure to pick a layout that is clear and concise and doesn't make your readers confused or lost. This is a crucial factor.

3) Introduce yourself
I find it very amusing and satisfying reading the 'About' section on any blog I come across. I think people always want to know who you are and why you blog. Hence, go ahead and introduce yourself but please don't make it too draggy. 

4) Write down as many drafts as you can
This is where your ideas start to grow. As soon as you start writing, you will have a flow of other ideas. Hence, what I usually do is I write as many drafts and save them. I don't post them directly, unless I'm really sure because its better to let the idea sink in and edit it later on. 

5) Be confident
Many people have the ability to write, but not everyone has the confidence to portray it. Therefore, have the confidence to write what you want to write. Read more to get inspiration and start to inspire others with your writing. 

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How To Fake Confidence?


This blog post is dedicated for those of you who have trouble speaking in large crowds. Having stage fright is what they normally call it. But nothing is impossible to achieve and I hope these tips will help you be braver and bolder in conquering the world, in the midst of finding yourself.

So how shall we do this? Faking confidence is not as bad as it sounds. It doesn't mean you  are fake. Definitely not. It's just an act of pure genius.

I also believe it's what most people do in times of desperate measures.

1) Don't Look Them In The Eye

When you are speaking in front of an audience, don't look anyone in the eye! Unless you are speaking to a person one-on-one then you should actually look the person in the eye, because it might seem rude. If you are speaking to a large audience it helps for you to keep your focus on the far back of the hall or maybe just focus on one person or an object.


2) Let It Go

Memorising a script is a really bad idea. I suggest small pocket notes to help you keep track. Take deep breaths before you start and just say what you need to say. The message you wish to portray will be felt by your audience when you speak from within.


3) Bullshit with confidence

I know this definitely sounds fake but its also the smartest move out there. It is a technique in which you don't speak facts and you don't admit you don't know the facts either. Its called playing safe, which can be a way to confuse your audience but I guarantee you its bound to work. This often happens spontaneously.


So there you have it! My three tips that will hopefully help you guys overcome public speaking 🙂 Do let me know what you think in the comments below!

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