41 Backpacker Hostel, Kaohsiung City

My first ever backpacker hostel experience and I was very satisfied indeed. The place is managed by a family, but mostly by the the folks. I admired how dynamic they were in managing everything not to mention friendly and welcoming!

41 Backpacker Hostel is located in Sanduo Shopping District. After getting off the MRT, be sure to take Exit 6 which is also the exit for the Birthday Park (I don't know why they call it that, but yeah). From the exit, walk straight to the junction, take a right and you will see a small alley on your left. The hostel is located down the alley on your right. I was not convinced with the location at first since it was a narrow alley, but after walking a few steps I saw it to be a quiet neighbourhood with mostly old folks relaxing outside their houses and enjoying the weather.

What I really dig about this hostel was the super comfy bed and common area. It got really crowded one night because there were a lot of people staying at the hostel and there was just so much commotion, but it was fine. One thing I learnt when you are putting up a night or two in a hostel, is tolerance and common courtesy. A lot of it!

The hostel even provided complimentary coffee and tea too! The coffee was good! The lady who assisted me during my check-in even gave me a banana *haha* how lovely!

So here are a few shots of the place!


I booked my stay for 2 nights a few months back which cost me 900NTD=RM120 (Basically, RM60 per night). I spent my 2 nights here before I flew to Japan and it was one of the best decisions I made. I could of easily stayed at a hotel but that would mean I would be kind of contained in my own room with nothing much to do (similar to my dorm lifestyle back in Tainan during my internship experience). Pretty boring I would say. Staying here for 2 nights, I met a few other backpackers as well whom were travelling around Taiwan. There was a group of girls who were always smiling and saying hi and bye to me whenever I left the room. On my last night I met a girl who recently graduated from Canada and decided to travel Asia.


My room! Bunk beds shared with another 8 girls
My room! Bunk beds shared with another 7 girls


Hostel Rules
Hostel rules


More rules..
More rules..


8.2 rating on Booking.com?!
8.3 rating on booking.com?!



Thank you for your hospitality! *hugs*
Thank you for your hospitality! *hugs*

If you guys plan to visit Kaohsiung City in Taiwan and would like a hostel experience, well here you have your first candidate that should definitely be on the top of your list! Stay tuned for more of my blog posts!


Lots of love,


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The Best Mexican Place In Tainan City



I don't consider myself a pro in Mexican food, nor do I know how to prepare any Mexican dishes but this place became my number one all time favourite shop. Living in Tainan for the past 6 months, gave me plenty of time to explore local delicacies, try out various bubble tea as well as stumbling upon this small Mexican place at a hidden alley (I will attach a map of the place at the end of this post).

So the only thing I know about Mexican culture/food/whatever you wish to categorise, is salsa sauce and sombreros. Pretty lame right? haha

Well here is how the place looks like. Obviously orange is a must! I got the whole Mexican vibe right away. I just took two shots o the prettiest parts of the restaurant.



I tried the Chicken Burrito once and did not really prefer burritos after the first try. My second trip and every other trip after, I ordered the Chick Fajita Quesadillas. They are to die for! Not to mention so fulfilling.

Oh about the price range, it is pretty expensive but once in while it is affordable.  After converting, the quesadillas that I usually order are about RM16.00 (120NTD). I don't usually order any drinks here because they are pretty expensive. A can of coke is RM4.00 (30NTD) and I can actually do my laundry for that amount hehe






Here is a glimpse of the Chicken Fajita Quesadillas and Beef Tacos

Chicken Fajita Quesadillas
Chicken Fajita Quesadillas


Beef Tacos
Beef Tacos


If you are ever in Tainan City, Taiwan and would like to check this place out, here are the directions! If you are coming from Tainan Train Station then its pretty much a short walking distance. You can find it right behind the Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel down a small alley opposite a Thai Restaurant.


Overall I would give this place 4.5/5 stars 🙂

This place really made me want to learn how to make all these tasty Mexican food and I shall try them out soon! So there you have it, one of the many food adventures of mine here in Taiwan and I will definitely miss this place once I am back in Malaysia.

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Yehliu Geo Park, Northern Taiwan


If you're a fan of the outdoors and you enjoy sight-seeing, not that I know of anyone who doesn't then this should be on your list when you are in Taiwan!

Getting there

Its pretty easy to travel around Taiwan, as the public transport is reliable and I would say pretty affordable.
We travelled to Yehliu from Taipei West Bus Station which is right beside the Taipei Main Station. The bus journey was quite long, about an hour plus since it had multiple stops.

Along the way

The journey was a transition from the bustling city to the suburban more countryside part of Taiwan. Along the way you could see old villages and small plantations.

Arriving at Yehliu

This is heads up for those of you who plan to go here. Since the bus is public bus that does multiple stops, the bus we took did not drop us directly in front of the Geo Park. It was about a 10-minute walk in the super hot sun, where we passed by a few restaurants that serve mostly seafood, had a quick lunch and then proceeded to the entrance of the Geo Park. Another heads up, since the restaurants serve mainly seafood, they are slightly over-priced.

Yehliu Geo Park

Entrance fees were reasonable, students get half price if you have a valid ISIC (International Student Identity Card) although I'm not really sure about regular Student ID's.

After getting our tickets, we walked towards the main hotspot where there were loads of rock formations and amazing geology. It was just amazing and I'm really glad it was in our itinerary. Since my Dad is a geologist, he really enjoyed it too and explained me his observations and quick analysis of the whole area.


The view was simply breathtaking. You could also see the ocean that stretched so far in the horizon and a few islands surrounding Taiwan. It was nice to see many tourists around too. Although it was super hot we managed to head back before it started to pour.


Heading back

Our journey back by bus was shorter than getting to Yeh Liu. There were fewer stops although we did not arrive back in Taipei West Bus Station, instead we arrived at a bus stop near to Gongguan MRT Station. From the MRT we stopped by a few places including Taipei 101 before heading back to our hotel.


For more information head on to their main website: Yehliu Geopark

Stay tuned for my next post on Taipei City!

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Ximending, Taipei City

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and also the most modern city. The MRT's are always packed, and there are lots of people travelling be it by car, bus or train. I enjoyed Taipei the most compared to Kaohsiung and Tainan probably because it has more to offer in terms of urban lifestyle and entertainment.

The thing about Taiwan that I can never get enough of, is its excellent town planning. The roads are very pedestrian friendly and its convenient to cycle around too. Its nice to stand at one corner and be able to catch a glimpse of the whole city.


Where To Stay?

I travelled to Taipei with my Mum & Dad. We stayed at 'The Diary Of Taipei II Hotel" in Ximending for 3 nights. It was an excellent location since we were right at the heart of shopping streets and restaurants. If you ever plan to visit Taipei, stay in Ximending!

Things To Do in Ximending?

SHOP & EAT! Like duh. Ximending is known for its shopping streets, variety of eateries and a few cinemas too. At night it becomes more active with street performances and flash mobs. Pretty cool indeed although I don't have much pictures that can provide you a real glimpse of what the whole area looks like but here are some.


Mandatory shot along the streets of Ximending

Early dinner at the 'Choir Cafe' in Ximending


So yeah, inconsistent pictures as I'm still new to travel blogging and I had no idea I was going to write about it in such detail. Well guess you guys just have to visit Taipei yourself and experience it 🙂


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