The Best Experience Of My Life

I am such a big girl now! haha But I don't want to grow up sighs OK whatever. Back to this blog post.

The only reason why I chose to pursue my Internship abroad for six months, was to challenge myself. Indeed that's what I got and a whole lot more.

This post is dedicated to all the people who I have met along the way, my challenges and definitely to myself haha

Here it goes!

My Internship

As a soon to be graduate Chemical Engineer, it is required for students to undergo a six month internship at a company or any institution. I pursued my internship at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the National Cheng Kung University of Taiwan.

My project deals with carbon dioxide reduction and trust me it is the first time I am being exposed to all this as my university is more driven towards the oil and gas sector. It was hard to digest at first, the job scope and the technical parts of the project but after a few weeks, I soon got the hang of it. My job scope requires me to immobilize a metal complex on a solid substrate that will act as a catalyst to reduce carbon dioxide. I know you are probably wondering am I to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or? I was thinking the same thing too. This project focuses on the application of carbon dioxide reduction at a laboratory scale and will be applied at a larger scale depending on its success rate.

Since the project is technical and requires me to explain in technical jargons I will not go into much detail on it. I would say my project was one of the most challenging tasks I have ever encountered. There were many times I felt demotivated but I made sure to never run out of effort and determination. I guess my persistent nature to begin with an end pushed through after all.

After my internship, being exposed to the technical and research field of Chemical Engineering,  I have decided to pursue my Masters in Chemical Engineering in the mere future *claps* *haha* but it depends on what the future holds for me. As for now, I shall focus on graduating *winks*

The usual shot at the signage? That's me on my first week here. Chubby bunny?!
The usual shot at the signage? That's me on my first week here. Chubby bunny?!


It was cold for the first two months! Look at the leaves! So pretty 🙂


My Travels

Obviously being abroad has allowed me the opportunity to travel around Taiwan. Although there are still many undiscovered spots, my friends and I managed to visit most of the attractions. One thing I can assure you, being abroad, away from family and away from your comfort zone, makes you a whole different person and only you can feel it for yourself. It makes you more independent and capable of handling any sort of situation.

Us at the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium
Us at the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium
The view at Kenting National Park! Amazing :)
The view at Kenting National Park! Amazing 🙂
Shopped till we dropped!
Shopped till we dropped!

Other than travelling around Taiwan with my friends, I was also tremendously blessed and super happy when both my parents visited me here in Taiwan for two weeks! We travelled to Kaohsiung City and made our way up north, to Tainan City (where I live), Sun Moon Lake in Nantou and the capital city of Taipei.

Mum & Dad!
Mum & Dad!
Dinner with my parents, Kat, Louis & Kuan
Dinner with my parents, Kat, Louis & Kuan

My Lifestyle

Before coming to  Taiwan, I would say I spend most of time being boring *haha* I'm usually always thinking of ways to write more stuff and add new items to my online store (Mavv Concept Store). Other than planning outings with my babes, I'm mostly at home chilling on the couch with my family. On weekends we usually catch a movie in the cinemas or probably visit a few relatives.

Within two weeks upon my arrival here in Taiwan, my friends and I pretty much travelled to most of the places in Tainan, the night market, temples and parks which kind of left us with practically nothing much left to do over the coming weekends (such a bad idea guys haha).

Weekdays are not 100% routined. Some days I am super busy in the lab preparing samples and running experiments whilst some days I am more relaxed. Weekends in the other hand are very unpredictable. Some weekends I will be in the lab running experiments, some of them you can find me wandering the streets nearby, shopping? eating? yeah. But I kind of like the lifestyle here. There is not curfew or exact working hours. You come and go as you please as long as you get the job done.


Being abroad for six months, I have managed to:

1) Get back into shape and lost possibly all the weight I have gained since I started university (which feels so exhilarating!). I'm back to running and jogging in the evenings as well as timing myself for each lap I complete (not that big of a deal though, but I feel very much accomplished).

2) Manage my money here better since I am abroad (duhh!) so I get pretty paranoid with how much I am spending and what I spend it on. Not that I don't care what I spend my money on back in Malaysia, but yeah, I hope you get what I mean *haha*

3) Improved my Mandarin though most you might not even know I can speak the language or if I am even a quarter Chinese. Either way I feel I have improved and it is something I am proud of *winks*

4) Seek comfort in being alone. Although there are times you find me out with friends, laughing and having fun, its when I am alone that I am somewhat more productive and tactful. I get the most job done when I plan and execute my plans and plus I believe having the right timing is the key to everything.

5) Meet amazing souls. The people I have met here in Taiwan from all over the world have all inspired me in their own way. From Sweden, my friend Per, Kat, Louie, Patricia and Pauline from the Phillippines, Armelle from France, Ra Mona from Romania and many many more. It has been an honour to have met you peeps! Not to mention all my lab mates who have recently been as crazy as I am! Peter, Jeremy, Brian, Yvonne, Fish ad Sunny!

Labmates! Gonna miss you guys a lot!
Labmates! Gonna miss you guys a lot!
Peter's Farewell Dinner together with Prof, his wife & lab mates
Peter's Farewell Dinner together with Prof, his wife & lab mates

I will be posting more on my travel adventures here in Taiwan so be sure to stay tuned! So since my internship is over now, I have a few more days left to spend in Taiwan before I head to Japan! Super excited and thrilled. So be sure to wait for my many awesome blog posts on Japan! I feel its going to be one of the best moments of my life too!

Much love,


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Dear You, Love Me

Let's go to that place together, like the many times you have told me before. It was not long ago I held you in my arms. It was not long ago you were close. Sometimes these feelings overcome me and I am left with tears running down my cheeks. Left with only thoughts and hope. Hope for a better and more reasonable understanding of the world I have prepared in patterns and colours in front of me.

You took my hand and we escaped for awhile. It only lasted 3 minutes but to me, a moment that will remain in my memory, a lifetime. Sometimes it is in your silence that I hear you speak the most. It is times like this I hear how much the words you wish to say to me. But before you start saying anything, I already know. I know the words you muster up. It must have taken much practice beforehand. I will wait. No matter the distance or the songs that keep replaying by themselves over and over in my head.

I will soon caress your face with the gentleness and with the silentness of your love. For if time could stand still for just a while, that would be great, wouldn't it.

I will continue to fall into those eyes of yours that have casted a black whole in the midst of all I see. Soon, I will be able to be myself again with the person I am most comfortable. Till I see you again in another world or another phase of this earth that we live in, I will be sending all my kisses through the winds that blow through the frame of your body. I will be sending lots of them so wait. Wait for a moment before you leave the side of the road or turn the corner to your block. You might miss it. But fret not my love, our love runs wild like fire.

Hold me in the midst of your dreams and speak to me in the words you no longer say to me up front. Sometimes in distance we have grown to trust and love another half.

I shall meet you every night in the corner of my mind, in the warmth of my heart. As you go on your daily routines and I slumber upon the other side, I hope you feel me protecting you against harm, rain or shine. I feel you here with me. Right now as I am writing this. Carefully pondering over me like you always do and teasing the slightest way you adore. Take care my love.

Lots of love to you. Till we finally meet again.


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Mouths That Burn To Hell At Night

It sucks to be different.
To feel, think and look different.
Sometimes people need to get a life.
Move on.

It sucks to be different.
To be judged and sometimes ridiculed.
We have smarter genes though, you don't know about them.
Too busy judging the world, that leaves you to be judged in the end.

It sucks to be different.
No man will ever walk the same.
To be called by many names.
Ensure your circle's sane.

It sucks to be different.
A place where no man understands the meaning of this all.
How lame and tiring.
I shall let it suffice and be gone.

Its okay to be different.
To be humble and polite.
Unlike the mouths that burn to hell at night.
I am proud of my fight.

Its okay to be different.
To be alone in sweet surrenders.
Sometimes better than the company of others.
Good ones stick close and give shelter.

Its okay to be different.
To make you think that we are distracted.
Sometimes the trick is to get you, instead.
Too bad you fell for it, life is a game.

Its okay to be different.
To move in spaces and parts.
She once told me butterflies take time,
To be one of a whole at large.


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How To Start A Blog?


I think there are countless of posts like this, but heck here is my opinion on what you should do to get them brain cells working. Plus my post will be short, simple and sweet, just like every other post on this blog 🙂

1) Get a free blog
So there are countless free domains you can use such as WordPress, Wix and many more. Just pick one that you feel is easy to use. I'm using WordPress myself because its pretty basic and clear cut. I have tried Wix before, its more interactive and fancy but it takes time to get used to.

2) Pick a theme 
I think this is the hardest part for every blogger. Picking the right theme may seem easy but its not. Be sure to pick a layout that is clear and concise and doesn't make your readers confused or lost. This is a crucial factor.

3) Introduce yourself
I find it very amusing and satisfying reading the 'About' section on any blog I come across. I think people always want to know who you are and why you blog. Hence, go ahead and introduce yourself but please don't make it too draggy. 

4) Write down as many drafts as you can
This is where your ideas start to grow. As soon as you start writing, you will have a flow of other ideas. Hence, what I usually do is I write as many drafts and save them. I don't post them directly, unless I'm really sure because its better to let the idea sink in and edit it later on. 

5) Be confident
Many people have the ability to write, but not everyone has the confidence to portray it. Therefore, have the confidence to write what you want to write. Read more to get inspiration and start to inspire others with your writing. 

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