A Millionaire’s Mindset


I had this idea to write about this particular topic for some time now and I'm glad today it can finally be put out on paper.

In the past few months I have seen friends complete their final year bachelor's degree, some have started working and some are in the midst of pursuing their internship.

However, what most young graduates or should I put it this way, potential employees have in common, is the wrong mindset.

Let me enlighten you.

Call it dreams, we all have them. To work for a notable company, earn and live sustainably

Many of us know what we want, but not many know the little things we need to do, to path our way to fulfil them

Being a really smart student does not always mean you are entitled to a secure high-end job, nor does being a rich kid from a wealthy family guarantee you a place at your dad's company. Lastly, being underprivileged or incapable does not mean you cannot achieve greatness.

Its all about your mindset. Read that last sentence again.

Up until now, you might probably think "This girl probably reads a lot of motivational books". Well yes I do but reading is one thing and understanding, is another.

The problem with us is we keep complaining. We complain about every single thing! Think about it.

But, don't take this the other way. We all complain! Even myself.

A wrong mindset starts by choice.

Here are a few examples:

1) When you choose to portray how ungrateful you are and pour it out on social media platforms, especially on LinkedIn! (If you are on LinkedIn and you do this, then you need a serious reality check)

2) When you regret taking up a particular coursewhen others don't even have the opportunity for an education

3) When you complain about how boring and toughyour job is when others are jobless

4) When you make up excuses and deny yourself opportunities

5) When you forget that 'Rome was never built in a day'

Think about it. All these scenarios lead back to you.


When you speak to a group of people, its all you. People remember what you say when you least expect it.

Your reputation is the most profound thing you should nourish and grow

Instead of complaining and what not, why not conserve your energy and channel it positively to shape your future?

All you need is an idea, no matter right or wrong, big or small.

But first. A right mindset.

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Stop Planning & Get A Move On

I know planning is a good thing. Heck it saves a lot of time and effort too. They say "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I believe its true, but that phrase can only be true to a certain extent. If you keep planning and planning and never actually putting actions into your plans then there isn't any point in planning is there?

I have come across two types of individuals. Those who keep planning but never actually try to execute anything and those who plan and put their plans into actions.

To those who keep planning and planning, your plans and ideas are solid, yes. But, if you keep planning something great and beneficial but you have no intention of actually starting it then what's the point? Sometimes we have to 'walk the talk' more, than just talk.

Often people ask when is the right time to execute a good plan? The answer is I don't know! No one ever knows do they? Its just a risk you have to be brave enough to take. If it goes well, it does. If it doesn't maybe the timing is not right or your plan needs to be re-evaluated.

Plans don't always work out the way you want them too, sometimes they work out even better that you expected. Its what you make of the results that let you decide yourself how to move from that point forward.

I hope this article gives those of you who have great plans and ideas, the motivation to start putting your plans into actions 🙂

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Why Your Mindset Needs To Change



Born in 1994, I have seen the world through my own eyes. The world that parents have brought me up in and the world that is present today.

We live among a human race that has forgotten values and morale. We live among a human race that today, knows only the value of political ties and social media influences.

I have seen countless posts on social media how people would like to be kids again. To have no care in the world. Where the world was once a better place we called home. We don't get that now. At least for most of us.

It is impossible to change every person on the face of the earth for the betterment of mankind. But it is possible to radiate the change in yourself. I have come to realise the human race today lacks proper mindset.

Its always a talk on racism, stereotyping individuals based on the colour of their skin, assuming stories of an individual that knows no truth or false, or social biases to the thoughts that some people are just born lucky.

A common mindset should be set and it definitely takes time.

Change your mindset on people, religion and social biases for the betterment of yourself and no one else. Learn to accept things for what they are. Extremists in any form and category always results in unnecessary outcomes.

Learn to be human before you take up any other role in this world.

As far as I'm concerned, the only important thing people should be focusing on is being kinder, wiser and happier.

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