I have caught myself many times, constantly mimicking scenes from the world I make up in my head. It goes like this. I walk about a few steps down a narrow path towards you. The sight of you gives me butterflies and I just light up. Suddenly my face feels hot. Blood rushes from the inner core of my body to the veins on the tips of my fingers and all the way down my legs. My adrenaline.

I have caught myself in a self play of words between me and you. It's what I do when we are apart. I feel you close. That's all I would ever want to feel.

I have caught myself a liar for all the times I told myself I can live without you. I can't. You have a grip on me. Don't let me go. I'm staying.

I have caught myself closing my eyes and hearing your distant laugh that seems so familiar close by. I close my eyes each night whispering silent prayers and tracing the way your face looks until I fall in an endless epiphany of lucid dreams.

Home is what I make of this and home to me is you.


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