Sometimes the things we find are not what we need,
Sometimes the things we loose are what makes us weep,

Sometimes the heart is blinded by the truth,
Sometimes love just simply makes us a fool,

Sometimes days are dark and bright,
Sometimes its you whom i seek for day and night,

Sometimes i hope you might come back,
Sometimes i wish you didn't do that,

Sometimes i break so much inside,
Sometimes i feel your hand caress the other side,

Sometimes you gave me all i had,
Sometimes i wished you, you never had.

*Dedicated to a really good friend*


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  1. sometimes i wish i never knew,
    sometimes i wish it the calls were from u,

    sometimes i think to hard to find,
    the reasons why i stayed so blind,

    sometimes i hoped that it would have been you,
    but it will never change what is ugly but true,

    but fret not dear self
    for a friend i have who is guiding me through

    1. Sometimes god gives us more than we can have
      Sometimes god takes away the things that are bad
      Sometimes words help your mind to ease
      Sometimes good friends are all we need

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