Lullaby Heart

I beg you to cipher.
To seek within you the depths of your heart,
To find yourself entangled in the oceans of which your love cascades for yourself,
Which soon illuminates out from inside of you and into me,
Then once and as a whole you find the true meaning of happiness,
In the smallest motion or the tiniest speck of rain taking over you like a joy ride,
In the midst of rush and panic of the outside world,
Seek within you that intense liberation,
Find a way to magnify it and let it stay,
Staying is a choice I beg not cipher,
Happiness is also a choice,
One that has its ultimate realms of attaining peace,
A choice of heart within the battle of minds,

I beg you to cipher,
The extremity in which you find yourself losing it,
Within society that will one day hold you down or lift you up,
Become the inner core of you that is strong and runs wild,
The difference in you makes me different too,
To be able to conquer more of this world that's laid out before me,
I thank you,
For being present as my pillar, or should I elaborate more and describe?

The pillars that have casted a strong foundation within the depths of my body,
Awaiting to be unleashed from the commands of spell bound words,
That I have come to know myself as a woman of purpose and goals,
Today I can never be more happy nor gold,
Although thank you, hugs and kisses galore,
You will reside inside of me, embedded in my soul,
Like tattoos on skin,
- Forevermore.


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