I Was A Puppet In My Own World


Over the years I have watched myself grow into the person I am today. I'm sure all of us are proud to have come this far too.

It has always occurred to me to ask myself who am I and what am I of good use to this world. Growing up as a teenager, I always wanted to fit into a group of people. I wanted to be a part of them as much as I wanted them to accept me. It was hard. I found myself doing things to please others. I became a puppet in my own world. I was controlled by what society wanted me to be.

I believe making mistakes are essential for you to re-evaluate your life. It makes you know what you want and it makes you understand yourself better. I decided I didn't want to be a puppet anymore. I wanted to empower myself for the great things I set out to be and that's what I did.

I withdrew myself from the people who claimed to be my friends. It was a good move. I withdrew myself from the world I made up in my immature head and became a new person. I slowly found myself by doing new things and engaging myself with other groups of people. I started to open my mind to embrace differences. I started embracing myself for being me.

Sometimes I wonder if other people have felt what I have felt? I'm sure we have been through this similar phase. I also know that sometimes there is a point in your life where you get so tired of pleasing others and you drop everything and change. Change for the better of course.

We need to live in a place where differences are accepted and embraced. If not accepted at least respected.

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