How I Started To Fill My Pockets


Hi guys! Im back. As i mentioned i will share with you guys how i basically fell in love with the idea of making money. Well some of you may have a negative feel to it and may ask questions like, why would you waste your time doing that? Your parents can support you so why bother? or why would you sell your stuff anyway? don't you feel emotional giving them away? Err, Nope. Hey! I'm making bucks πŸ˜‰

So here is the deal. I started my online business right after i finished my SPM in 2011. How i started was really simple. I had the urge to make money because i realised at that point of time it is gonna be tough to work and earn in the future (with the whole economic crisis going on). So why not start now?

I started researching online on how to make money and i came across other people who were selling preloved clothes etc online. It amazed me actually how simple the process was. Being the over-enthusiast I am, I rummaged my wardrobe and found pieces of clothing i barely used. I posted pictures of them on my blogspot and before i knew it I had offers and my clothes were sold instantly.

That first hands-on experience i had gave me a good gist of the path i wanted to venture into.Β I continued selling my preloved items for about 6 months till i stepped up my game. I started to reach out to suppliers to get stocks for women's accessories and apparel. It wasn't an easy process of course (long hours of research, but that was 2011, today there are plenty of opportunities).

Those days it was every hard to get your blog shop noticed. I even remember paying for weekly banner ads to get more customers. There were definitely a lot of challenges but there is always a first time for everything.

Today, thank goodness to the brains of IT and programming, Carousell has become my second platform for business expansion (Instagram is #1). I have sold countless items from shawls to new/preloved clothes, bags, accessories. You name it.Β The highest number of sales i have made this year on Carousell would be a total of RM800 within 3 days. Amazing right?

So you see, earning money is as simple as putting your mind to it. Trust me although it may seem easy, PATIENCE is the key. Customers don't come knocking everyday. You might have no sales for days or weeks, maybe even months. Tackle it the right way.
Hence, I strongly urge youths out there to seize opportunities (what opportunities? blog post!)


*If you would like to ask me more about the art of business or how you can start up your own business journey feel free to drop me an email at


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  1. It’s inspiring to see someone who is a peer being so determined and hardworking! I love your blog! Keep inspiring with your work love. Please do a product review on some of the beauty things you own, I would love to read them, oh and a look book please! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ»

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