What It Feels Like To Be Overenthusiastic

Being enthusiastic is good. Its the normal energy level a human being possesses, but being overenthusiastic feels a lot like having an immense amount of energy that nobody else can relate to.

Overenthusiastic people have a lot of drive in them. They don't and won't sitstill, they find ways of always moving around. They want to get the most things done in one time. Sometimes impossible but they can actually prevail. Even the idea of a small break would sometimes be the most dreadful thing but otherwise very much needed.

The thing about being overenthusiastic is sometimes you are taken granted for the shitload of work you can actually complete. Sometimes your strongest trait can be a bad thing too. 

An overenthusiastic person doesn't think too much when it comes to action. We presume we have made all the judgements in our head and just go for it. Sometimes the spontaneous decisions are good and sometimes it leaves you in regret.

I think a lot of people are enthusiastic depending on the type of situation. 

But you can always make yourself overenthusiastic even if you don't have passion in what you do. Its called Will.

I was given a task that I knew nothing about. I had poor knowledge on the subject matter but that did not stop me from trying. Along the way as I found myself passionate and more open to learning, I discovered I became overethusiastic. There was a thirst for more. So i kept the momentum going.

I'm writing this article to tell you that it's okay to be overenthusiastic, to be always on time. To lack sleep and still have a lot of energy. Its okay to be called weird because you aren't normal, you are unique. 

It took me some time to understand why I am programmed the way I am. But then I realised, the upper hand of being overenthusiastic is it gives you that sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. It makes you realise what you are capable of and it makes you happy.

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