Do You Have Attitude?

Life ethics, working ethics, you name it. I'm sure we have all heard of stories about people not being on time, not responding to calls and the list goes on and on. Annoying isn't it?  We all have attitude sometimes, me too. So I decided to blog, out of my own personal thoughts and opinions, on the three main attitudes all of us should practice 🙂

  1. Common Courtesy

    Just like common sense, it is something that most human beings lack. Whether its in life or work, common courtesy is something that should be developed in you as you go through life's experiences.

    1) When someone emails/calls/texts, you should reply/respond
    2) Own up your mistakes and apologise when you should
    3) As an employee you should approach your boss and not the other way round

  2. Open to ideas

    The last thing you want to do, is shut yourself out from different ideas, techniques or suggestions. You have nothing to lose when you expand your network and share ideas. Everyday is a new learning experience and it is something you should look forward to.

  3. Punctuality

    You can be an intellectual, a professional in a specific field or whatever your profession, but if you lack punctuality it will be a major turn off right at the beginning. Plan well and never make others wait for you, as mentioned common courtesy.

    Yay! So that's it! 🙂 Happy reading and I shall meet you again in my next blog post. Thank you for stopping by!

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