Cheap Thrills


It feels like cheap thrills. Cheap at times, expensive most of the time. Thrills, always. It didn't take me long to make up my mind. A wanderless fortune of ever after that I have palpitated across my chest and through visions in my head. I keep telling myself to breathe, that it will all be over soon. Faith.

It fells just like a door being opened and shut constantly in your face. A lost smile drained from the figure of you that coils into an escalating laughter. I will continue to fill this place with emotions. This safe place of mine which has become a public box of viewers and sore eyes.

Pour yourself out I urged myself one day. In the midst of sadness and grief you find whom you truly are. In the midst of happiness and joy you find out what you really want most in life.

I asked myself is it even possible to shut the opened door which I have let all my feelings and emotions overflow like a shock wave? No was the direct answer I got. From both my heart and my mind.

The beauty of this whole thing is we will never know until we go the distance. You, me and us. What is the worth of all these words if we were to just give up and move on? Moving on is not in my list of choice. Never has and never will.

Sad stories bore me nowadays after they used to make me ache and cry. I have my own battles and this is worth more than any heartache will ever come by.

So don't just shut the door and leave. Not when the world denies all access to our courage. Not when the world denies the possible thought of even being real.

Surreal is what would come of this. I know so.


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