5 Essential Must Haves Before Travelling To Japan!


After travelling to Japan my squad and I have devised the ultimate essentials you must have before travelling to this beautiful country.

1. Pocket Wifi

This will be your ultimate saviour! Japan is filled with trains practically everywhere and with so many different lines and routes! You are bound to get lost and confused if you don't have any access to the internet. Considering myself personally good with directions, I gave up and surrendered after seeing how complex the whole thing was *haha* Thank goodness my squad and I managed to unleash our ninja skills and navigate ourselves like a boss throughout the cities of Japan. Plus if you plan to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan without having pocket wifi then good luck figuring out what to do while waiting in line!

2. Powerbanks

Having access to pocket wifi means you will be spending alot lot of time using your phone for taking pictures, updating social media accounts and what not. It also means your batteries will definitely be draining faster! So yes! Get a good powerbank and dont forget to charge them up!

3. Comfy shoes!

If you recently bought a new pair of shoes and you haven't gotten used to them yet, ditch them. Trust me! Huzaimi and I practically ditched our shoes on the first day of walking around Tokyo and switched to flip flops. Thank god I had my Fitflops packed and used them for my remaining days in Japan.

4. Umbrella/Raincoat

You definitely have and must pack a small umbrella or raincoat. But i think an umbrella would be more versatile. Throughout our 10 days in Japan it rained on some days. The weather was unpredictable. Having an umbrella could save you from immense heat and also slight drizzle and heavy pours. Do not buy umbrellas in Japan (unless you have no choice) because they are expensive! (most of the stuff in Japan are expensive anyway, so yeah you get the picture right?) They easily cost around 500yen = RM20 to more than 1000 yen = RM40. The cheapest umbrella we spotted cost 300 yen = RM 12 from Daiso.

5. Passport

In japan it is a must to travel with your passport! Why? Because as tourists you get tax free services when you shop at certain stores which is a huge plus point as its cheaper like duhh! So don't forget your passports to enjoy the awesome shopping benefits!

There you have it, our 5 essential must haves before you head to Japan! Hope this helps and do let us know what else needs to be added to the list so we can prep better for our next attempt to take over Japan!



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