41 Backpacker Hostel, Kaohsiung City

My first ever backpacker hostel experience and I was very satisfied indeed. The place is managed by a family, but mostly by the the folks. I admired how dynamic they were in managing everything not to mention friendly and welcoming!

41 Backpacker Hostel is located in Sanduo Shopping District. After getting off the MRT, be sure to take Exit 6 which is also the exit for the Birthday Park (I don't know why they call it that, but yeah). From the exit, walk straight to the junction, take a right and you will see a small alley on your left. The hostel is located down the alley on your right. I was not convinced with the location at first since it was a narrow alley, but after walking a few steps I saw it to be a quiet neighbourhood with mostly old folks relaxing outside their houses and enjoying the weather.

What I really dig about this hostel was the super comfy bed and common area. It got really crowded one night because there were a lot of people staying at the hostel and there was just so much commotion, but it was fine. One thing I learnt when you are putting up a night or two in a hostel, is tolerance and common courtesy. A lot of it!

The hostel even provided complimentary coffee and tea too! The coffee was good! The lady who assisted me during my check-in even gave me a banana *haha* how lovely!

So here are a few shots of the place!


I booked my stay for 2 nights a few months back which cost me 900NTD=RM120 (Basically, RM60 per night). I spent my 2 nights here before I flew to Japan and it was one of the best decisions I made. I could of easily stayed at a hotel but that would mean I would be kind of contained in my own room with nothing much to do (similar to my dorm lifestyle back in Tainan during my internship experience). Pretty boring I would say. Staying here for 2 nights, I met a few other backpackers as well whom were travelling around Taiwan. There was a group of girls who were always smiling and saying hi and bye to me whenever I left the room. On my last night I met a girl who recently graduated from Canada and decided to travel Asia.


My room! Bunk beds shared with another 8 girls
My room! Bunk beds shared with another 7 girls


Hostel Rules
Hostel rules


More rules..
More rules..


8.2 rating on Booking.com?!
8.3 rating on booking.com?!



Thank you for your hospitality! *hugs*
Thank you for your hospitality! *hugs*

If you guys plan to visit Kaohsiung City in Taiwan and would like a hostel experience, well here you have your first candidate that should definitely be on the top of your list! Stay tuned for more of my blog posts!


Lots of love,


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